Learn about Final Expense Insurance.

Designed to cover the bills that your loved ones will face after your death. Leave a legacy that will last forever.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a type of whole life insurance where the death benefit is used to cover medical costs and other end-of-life expenses, most often funeral costs including services like burial or cremation, items like caskets and urns, and more.

Do I have to pass a medical exam?

Unlike traditional life insurance policies, which require a medical exam to help set the cost of your policy, final expense policies don’t require such in-depth research and applicants will often be insured after answering only a few questions.

What is Legacy Safeguard?

Legacy Safeguard was created to provide you and your loved ones with legacy planning and end of life planning, guidance, and assistance. Let our simple and innovative planning process enshrine your life lessons and core values for you to pass them to future generations. Take the steps to help ensure that your family will be taken care of at the time of need.

Product Highlights

Legacy Planning Services

A legacy is not something we leave behind; it’s what we pass along. It’s the values, principals, and ideals we cultivate throughout the course of a unique and individual life. It is shaped by the events, memories, and friendships we collect along the way. And this legacy is what those coming after us will hold closely when we’re gone. Legacies should not vanish they should be revered.

End of Life Planning, Guidance, & Assistance

The End of Life Planning, Guidance, and Assistance benefits have been created to help you ease some of the burdens on survivors that can result from the many decisions that have to be made when planning a funeral. An end of life plan is a gift you can leave your family that will have immeasurable value when the time comes. Our services can help you communicate certain plans and wishes to your family, so that confusion and conflicts may be avoided.

Support for Survivors

When someone passes, the survivors will go through a tremendous amount of stress and grief. There is no telling how it will affect your family. Just know that it will. This grief, at times, can be too much to bear. Legacy Safeguard’s Support for Survivor benefits can assist grieving families with any unexpected tasks that may arise, from making travel and hotel reservations to locating bereavement counseling centers nearby.

Celebrating Life Events

Your life is made up of priceless moments, big or small, that when molded together they make up your legacy. At this very point in time, you’re not finished making memories. Celebrate today with Legacy Safeguard’s Celebrating Life Events benefits and services. Begin or continue with steps to solidify your legacy. Take advantage of floral discounts and our Family Legacy DVD that comprises your favorite family photos into a professional video.

Estate Planning Support

Enjoy peace of mind and ensure security for your loved ones by creating an estate plan. Membership in Legacy Safeguard includes extensive estate planning support. No matter your worth, it is important to have a basic plan in place. This valuable service uses an Estate Planning Attorney Locator to find the top attorneys in your area who can help you secure your assets and estate.

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